PotsLightning schedule and topics

Since it was asked; I drafted a quick agenda for the day with timings:

09.00 – 09.30                    Gathering, welcome, meetup
09.30 – 12.30                    „Open Space”:

    – Presentation of contribution topics
    – Putting the topics up in our “backlog” list
    – Participants select topic to start with

12.30 – 14.00                    Lunch
14.00 – 17 .00                   “Inspect & adapt”.

    Are the morning sessions still “hot” or are we in for some different topic?

17.00                                  End of the workshop; Begin of after-workshop


Topic selection: My idea is to let us all decide, what is the most interesting/urgent/flavorable topic we want to talk about.

This might mean, some topics might not be touched during the day; but due to the democratic selection the flow of the workshop should mirror the interest of most participants.

Also, depending on the size of attendees, we might go more in an “Open Space” direction, by creating groups and participating in the topic you are interested in.

Lunch: Depending on the availability and weather we find us some place outside the venue to get some fresh air and fresh mind. In worst case we order in.

Timings are suggestions. It is your workshop; you should have the most out of it.
So just bring your feedback up and we can adjust.

After-workshop: Dinner, beer, other activities… It is your weekend and your choice. I assume (yeah, yeah) there will be socializing in one location or the other. We will see.

UPDATE: Here is the current topic list: .