GATE 2011 participants

So far our call for participation has resulted in some responses. Currently we have the following line-up for the first German Agile Testing and Exploratore Workshop. Here they are:

  • Markus Gärtner – Helping traditionally trained testers to contribute on Agile teams
  • Maik Nogens – tbd
  • Meike Mertsch – Helping Teams and Testers to create valuable products
  • Eusebiu Blindu – Exploratory Testing and visualization
  • Sven Finsterwalder – agile testing with SBTM supported by the “SessionCreator”
  • Christian Baumann – Shared responsibility for quality vs. separate QA teams
  • Alexandru Rotaru – demotivating testers – why good testers choose different career paths;
    teaching testing using exploratory testing

There is still room for more. If you struggled so far with a topic, feel free to contact us. We will be happy discussing your proposal, and providing feedback on early drafts.

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